How I Redid My Garage In A Weekend

Tired of Having a No-Car Garage?

Nature abhors a vacuum, it's true, but garages always seem to fill up with the oddest things. Children's mementos, extra furniture, and even broken fishing equipment line garage storage shelves and compete with what you actually want to store in the space (like your car for one). So why not harness your powers of organization and use those garage storage shelves to organize instead of enable chaos?

It Started with Garage Storage Shelves

Mian was tired of his cluttered garage. So with the family out of town one sunny weekend, he decided to take matters into his own hands and take back the garage storage shelves for their intended purpose. Here's his story:

"My wife and I kept talking about how someday we'd be able to put a car in our garage. We live outside Boston, so when it snows it's great to have vehicles inside, not out. I'd installed some garage storage shelves a few years ago to try and keep things organized. But the project was doomed as little by little, more stuff started spreading across the garage floor. Recycling bins, an old dining room table, even stacks of games our kids have outgrown, along with a couple of bikes. It was a total mess.

"Over a long weekend I realized it was time for things to change. I wanted to have a potting bench in the garage since we don't have a separate shed and Daniela wanted better storage for the kids' sports gear. I started pulling everything off the garage storage shelves and out into the driveway. It was pretty simple to sort out what needed to stay and what needed to go; I ended up taking a bunch of things to our favorite donation center, like the table we weren't going to use again. With the space cleared I could see my way to an actual functional garage, not just a storage catch-all.

"I'd put in adjustable garage storage shelves before and was able to change them to better fit the height of boxes that were going to stay, so less space was wasted. A free-standing potting bench area with a counter and places for all my gardening equipment fit perfectly by the door to the backyard. I found an organizer for all our sports equipment and hooks to hang the bikes we actually ride. When everyone came back home, they were certainly surprised to actually park inside!"

California Closets: Garage Storage Shelves are Just the Beginning

If your garage no longer has room for a car or even space to walk, it's time for a change. A professional organizer like a California Closets Design Consultant is a great way to figure out what you need in your garage as well as organization options, like garage storage shelves, that will work for your needs.

Once you have a clear vision, the rest will effortlessly fall into place, as it did with Mian. What are you waiting for?