Top Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Garage Storage

Garage Storage Organizers Unite!

Do you just love the satisfaction that a clean, organized space creates? Not only can you now find things when you (or someone else) goes looking for them, but research has shown that putting clutter in its place reduces stress as well as simplifying life. Who knew that garage storage organizers could have such a major impact?

5 Top Tips for Improved Garage Storage Organizers

- Lock away papers you'll need later. Use a metal locker or storage cabinet as a kind of garage file cabinet. Here you can store car maintenance records, appliance instruction manuals, and warranty information. Categorize like-with-like in labeled magazine holders or storage files, whichever works best for you.

- Use the wall. So many garage storage organizers vastly improve functionality of underused spaces, like the garage walls. A pegboard is a classic solution for hanging tools, but also think about garage storage organizers like aluminum track. Here longer tools like rakes or shovels can hang, keeping them off the floor and instantly organized.

- No really: use the wall even more. Garage storage organizers also include wall-mounted shelving and cabinets, but how else can you use this vertical space? A magnetic board is a great place to stick notes, plans, reminders, or even sketches and ideas about your next project. Utility hooks keep hoses coiled up neatly as well as ropes or extension cords. Sports fan? Garage storage organizers also have specialty functions like hanging bike or ski storage on the wall.

- Think about what goes with what. A lot of garage storage organizers will tell you their secret is thinking about how they use things. For example, instead of spreading painting materials across the garage, store your paintbrushes, paint and stain near each other as well as any other painting supplies you might have. That way, when you go to start a project, everything is already gathered.

- Recycle smarter. Garage storage organizers are also perfect for sorting recycling; have bins near the door so you can just toss items in instead of having to walk across the width of the garage. Take this a step further with a spot for things that require special recycling, like paint, batteries, and CFL bulbs. High up on a shelf or in a cabinet keeps them safe from kids and pets. If your area has special item pickup days, put the schedule nearby so you won't miss them.

Need More Ideas for Garage Storage Organizers?

Instead of wasting space with a messy garage, realize its true storage potential by using the wide variety of garage storage organizers available. With storage cabinets, shelving, wall and even overhead garage storage organizers, at California Closets we have what you need to get your garage clutter-free and under control.