Streamlining? Try Garage Storage Cabinets

Streamlining? Try Garage Storage Cabinets

When combating the clutter that populates many garages, there are countless options that still allow (or perhaps even enable) you to park your car as well as store your stuff. The main idea is to get things off the floor – what better way to do this than with cabinets?

5 Top Uses for Garage Storage Cabinets

From dog food to leashes to special shampoo, keep everything your pet needs in one place. If you feed your dog outside or in the garage, closed units like garage storage cabinets ensure that Fido doesn't go back for seconds unaided. Extra toys, balls, and bones also tuck nicely onto shelves or into baskets behind the same closed doors.

Boots, bins, soil, pots, and even watering cans find the perfect home in wall-mounted garage storage cabinets. Adjustable shelves inside allow you to make room for various sized objects as storage needs change. Hanging space on the inside of the doors is ideal for trowels, mini rakes, and other small tools or even your gardening gloves. Underneath is perfect for a potting table. Bigger tools like large pruning shears can go in larger garage storage cabinets or hanging on adjustable track.

Large garage storage cabinets are great for large items, like that collection of balls that always is scattered throughout the garage. Use a plastic tub or bin to get balls off the floor and contained. Centralize your sports equipment so that family members can find what they need: helmets have a special shelf, bins separate out equipment by sport, and cleats and ski boots line up along the bottom.

There are items in every home that are dangerous like paint, toxic chemicals, and pesticides. Instead of spreading them around, keep everything contained in one of your garage storage cabinets, preferably one with a lock.

Spare Pantry
Make more room in your kitchen or pantry by storing extra dry and canned goods in one of your garage storage cabinets. Metal doors allow you to attach an inventory list to the outside so you always know what's inside.

Why We Love Garage Storage Cabinets

Maximize floor space and lessen that cluttered feeling with garage storage cabinets in any style or size from large to small. Your things will be secure from pests and damp, staying clean and dry all year round. A variety of finishes make your garage stylish and organized. Stop by a California Closets showroom today to see how garage storage cabinets and other storage solutions can transform your home.