Garage Shelving Units: A Necessity?

A garage without shelving is like a kitchen without cupboards or shelves – slightly useless. Not only do garage shelving units give space to all those tools and equipment that make their home in the garage, they also get additional storage shelving off the floor. Goodbye disorganized mess. Hello orderly garage!

What YOU can do with Garage Shelving Units

The cornerstone of garage organization, garage shelving units are just one storage solution of many. There are built-in or freestanding models as well as a variety of materials to choose from. Consider what you will want to garage shelving units for before making a purchase to ensure they will meet your needs. Need some ideas to get you inspired to truly transform your garage?

- Dry goods storage. Garage shelving units come in many sizes, but all quality units are sturdy enough to give dry or paper goods overflow storage. Bulk packs of paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper are easily accessible when kept on garage shelving units near the door to the house. The garage is also great for extra canned food storage that won't fit in your pantry.

- Bins & boxes. Various sized plastic bins with lids are an ideal way to arrange small items on garage shelving units. Rags, brushes, tape, and sponges are easy to find when stored each in their own bin; transparent containers and labels make contents easy to see and keep organized.

- Garden supplies. With garage shelving units that have adjustable shelving, you can truly customize to your needs. Use wire shelves to store pots, seeds, and extra potting soil and fertilizers at convenient heights while preventing extra dirt from accruing. Hooks below the shelves are great for tools, especially if everything is over a potting bench area.

- Tools. Holes in garage shelving units are another handy way to store tools like screwdrivers and hammers; they simply hang through even the narrowest shelf. Deeper shelves store jars of screws and nails. On the wall a paper towel dispenser can be re-purposed to dispense various kinds of tape or string while other hooks and magnetic strip keeps items tidy.

Embrace Garage Shelving Units

Maximize floor space and lessen that cluttered feeling with garage shelving units in any style or size. You'll easily find what you need instead of having to dig through piles of things you mean to tidy up later, cutting project time in half. Stop by a California Closets showroom today to see how garage shelving units and other storage solutions can transform your home.