Take the Time to Address Your Garage Organization Situation

For many homeowners, the term “garage organization” seems like an oxymoron.  As it is rarely visited by guests, this typically rugged space is often used as a mess room, where poorly labeled boxes make up the foundation for towers of paint cans, cleaning supplies, and holiday decorations.

California Closets has long understood the versatility and potential that this space offers, and has developed a multitude of space-saving garage organization products and techniques for those who are simply no longer satisfied with having to hop, skip, and jump their way into the house after getting out of the car. Investing time and energy into garage organization will pay dividends on several fronts, and perhaps even help you unearth uses that you never thought possible for this multipurpose space.

Garages give homeowners agency to let loose a little bit, as displayed family heirlooms, stainable carpets, and breakable technology are usually nowhere in sight. While this reality gives some reason to neglect organization, proactive homeowners should view this freedom as a way to get more out of their home. Enlisting the help of a garage organization plan will allow you to rest easy and live comfortably.

Safety First

Poorly organized garages can be hazardous, especially if you've recently painted or have a surplus of detergents and cleaning supplies lying around. This is especially dangerous if you have young children, whose curious minds sometimes lead them to the garage.

Good garage organization means equipping the space with safety measures that keep everyone happy and healthy around the home, using items such as elevated shelves and lockable cabinets. You can protect the items and treasures you value, and protect those you love from getting their hands on items they perhaps shouldn't have!

Get Back Outside!

Sporting equipment often makes its way out into garages when not in use, and should you realize that the season is rolling around and you haven't a clue as to the location of your glove and bat, panic can ensue. Garage organization solutions from California Closets can be the helping hand you've needed when it comes to keeping track of your gear. With clear bins that you've labeled, all within a cabinet system perhaps arranged by season, you'll know exactly where to turn when the coach calls for the first practice.

Another common pitfall for those attempting to secure sustainable garage organization is a collection of bikes; these fun, yet slightly clunky devices have been a storage nightmare in the past, but we couldn't just leave them out of your garage organization equation! Suspend your bikes from the ceiling with a pulley system that keeps them safely out of the way, but easily retrievable when the urge to go for a ride strikes!

Whether you want to play some music, paint, or keep the process of decorating your home for the holidays clutter-free, a garage organization system can go a long way to making it all possible!