Create Your Own Man Cave with Garage Cabinets and Storage

Does Dad Have a Man Cave?

We've seen a growing trend where dad gets a dedicated area of the house that's his to do what he wants with. This Man Cave is a place of escape, where he can socialize or just be alone. It can be an extra room in the house, but often it ends up being in the garage as there's more space available, especially when you have the right garage cabinets and storage.

Create Your Own Man Cave with Garage Cabinets and Storage

Why not give Dad a place of his own for Father's Day or his birthday? You can visit the official Man Cave site, full of ideas and photos for further inspiration. By using garage cabinets and storage to get rid of clutter, everyone benefits. Dad gets a place of his own, and the rest of the family has clear storage for their things in the area that's not part of the Man Cave itself. Here's how to start creating the perfect home hideaway:

1. Sort and discard. By going through what's already in the garage, you'll get a clear idea of what you should keep and what needs to move on. Maybe have a garage sale or donate to your favorite charity.

2. Keep like with like. Auto repair tools go in a different place than bike repair parts. A tool area bounded by garage cabinets and storage units creates a separate workshop with ease, making a clear distinction between the Man Cave and the rest of the garage space.

3. Up your storage ante. Even if you have garage cabinets and storage solutions at hand, shelving and other vertical storage will increase your garage efficiency.

4. Store with care. When organizing things in your garage cabinets and storage shelving and bins, put heaviest items on the lowest shelves for stability. Double check load capacities so that high shelves storing paint cans don't come tumbling down. Put what you use most in easy reach – you'll be more likely to put it back where it belongs then.

5. Create a floor. If you're turning the entire garage into a Man Cave putting down a floor surface that's not concrete will change the feel and look. If it's just a section of the garage, delineate the space with a carpet remnant or other floor covering.

6. Construct the Man Cave. Add Dad's favorite chair and decorate with memorabilia for a comfortable feel. A TV, mini fridge, and whatever else he needs to feel relaxed will truly make a space he enjoys spending time in.

Garage Cabinets and Storage Solutions: Changing the World One Garage at a Time

Whether you want to create a Man Cave of your own or simply transform your garage, make the most of our expertise in room design and organization at California Closets. No matter your vision, from simple to spectacular or modern to traditional, we have the garage cabinets and storage units you need to make your garage a comfortable place, in keeping with the rest of your home.