Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Galveston

When someone says the word cell phone, we all picture cell phones today. Most people would not picture a giant hunk of plastic with an antenna stretching up to the sky like a bean stock. However, for some reason many people have not been acquainted with Galveston wall beds today—and so when they think of Galveston wall beds, they envision the clunky austere vintage predecessor to the marvel that is today’s wall bed.

Galveston Wall Beds: Get The Word Out

We’re here to spread the Galveston word about the Galveston wall beds in all their modern glory.  We’ve mentioned what they’re not: namely, rickety old slats that pull down from a side-hatch.  But what are Galveston wall beds?  Galveston wall beds are custom beds that fit into any room and can transform your space or maximize the space you have.  They are comfortable and steady.  They add flexibility not only to what your space can be, but also in terms of where they can hide when not in use.

Wall Beds Galveston:  A Song for Every Season, A Wall Bed for Every Room

Whether you are looking to add a comfortable bed to your home office, media center, wardrobe, closet system, or all of the above, California Closets has custom design experts that will create a system of Galveston wall beds for you. They will open and close easily, and the finish and face that hides it when not in use will complement the look and feel of your room.

Galveston Wall Beds: The More the Merrier

No matter where you live or how much space have to spare, you have the capacity to host guests with a convenient, affordable, and luxurious wall bed—without sacrificing the comfort or functionality of the rooms in your home.  Call now to set up a complimentary design consultation to discover the Galveston wall beds that are right for you.