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Your storage situation is a mess. Too much stuff on the floor, too much stuff missing, too much aggravation for words. If you’re a Galena resident suffering from this kind of closet chaos, it’s time to get some much-needed help from the number one Galena closet company, California Closets.

The Top Galena Closet Company

Generic solutions aren’t the answer when looking to tame a troublesome storage space.  While a trip to the local container store might be convenient, there’s no way it can provide the kind of individualized design that California Closets is famous for.  Truly useful storage is storage that is tailored to your unique needs and specifications and that begins with a call to a California Closets design consultant. 

The Process Starts

Precise measurements are taken to determine the potential of your closet and then the fun begins.  A huge array of innovative solutions can be brought into play in order to maximize every square inch of available space.  Start with some shoe fencing to get your valuable footwear off the floor and then perhaps some stackable bins that can be easily rotated to arrange your wardrobe seasonally or by frequency of usage.  Finish things off with some baskets, hooks and compartmentalized drawers to keep your accessories available and at the ready.   Whatever your storage needs are, you can be sure there is a California Closet design to fulfill it.

A Look You’ll Love

California Closets offers a wide selection of attractive colors, finishes and accents to apply to your re-designed closet as well.  Find just the right look to complement your home’s décor or enjoy the fun of giving your storage space its own singular character.

California Closets: The Closet Company Galena Residents Can Trust

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