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When guests come to visit, it’s important to be able to give them pleasant accommodations. No one wants to have their in-laws sleeping on the floor or the couch. Spacial limitations can inhibit one’s ability to have a dedicated guest bedroom - so what can be done? The answer to this quandary is Fuquay Varina wall beds. Fuquay Varina murphy beds are lightyears ahead of the creaky, uncomfortable wall beds of yesteryear. These beds are visually appealing when not in use, are extremely easy to unfold and retract, and your guests will be astounded by how comfortable they are. It won’t be long before your starting to consider a total conversion to Fuquay Varina wall beds throughout your home.

Think Progressively With Fuquay Varina Murphy Beds!

Fuquay Varina Wall Beds: An Unalloyed Improvement Over Standard Beds

We at California Closets aren’t afraid to say it: the standard bed is arcane and obsolete! Fuquay Varina murphy beds are the way of the future! There’s no reason to forfeit so much floor space to a standard bed you only use part of the time. Fuquay Varina wall beds absolutely do not represent a reduction in comfort or aesthetic appeal - it is challenging to construct an argument as to why standard beds are preferable. Your guests might at first be skeptical of your Fuquay Varina murphy bed, but after they’ve slept on it they will change their tune!

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We are convinced you’ll be impressed by our Fuquay Varina wall beds, and invite you to come to one of our stores to see our broad selection and just how comfortable they are.

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