Closet Organizers The Colony

Organization: even the sound of the word can elicit stress by implying a problem in need of a drastic solution, especially when it comes to the smallest yet most commonly messy room in your house – your closet. But it doesn’t have to be. Getting organized doesn’t mean you have to undertake an all-consuming task that will cost a fortune or require a team of professional junk haulers. Trust the expertise and experience of California Closets The Colony to design a custom closet organizer that will inspire order and balance throughout the home.

Take Control with The Colony Closet Organizers

Too often, we let our closets get out of control because we feel powerless against the inevitable clutter. The problem isn’t you; it’s your generic closet that doesn’t factor in personal preferences and unique layouts! Be proactive about straightening up with The Colony closet organizers by first identifying your needs and goals, then work with designers to create a beautiful, elegant space that encourages smart organization.

Don’t Give an Inch

The most common problem with traditional closets is under-utilized space. Maybe you have an ever-increasing wardrobe or a love of the outdoors requiring lots of gear, making you think you need tons of space to keep it all organized. Not necessarily. With The Colony closet organizers, ever inch is maximized for order and efficiency via the use of expandable shelves, drawers, vertical storage units and hooks.

Separate Seasons

When summer hits in The Colony, there’s no escaping the heat. Don’t get caught frantically searching for your shorts and sandals when it’s time to hit the lake to cool off. The Colony closet organizers are designed to keep oft-needed items easily accessible while relegating off-season clothing like heavy sweaters and scarves out of the way with sturdy boxes and bins. When the weather changes, simply transfer items to their new hiding place.


Once The Colony closet organizer is in place, it’s not static. Removable bins and drawers and expandable shelving mean your wardrobe can grow – or shrink – and your closet will simply evolve along with it. The Colony closet organizer will even inspire you to make clean sweeps when necessary!

Make it Manageable with The Colony Closet Organizers

Don’t let your closet be the thorn in your organizational side. Let it be the leader on your quest to personal home order with California Closets The Colony Closet Organizers!