Closet Systems Frisco

Here at California Closets, we know that closet systems are most practical when custom designed specifically for the user’s needs and preferences. That’s why Frisco closet systems are thought of, designed, and built with you in mind, every step of the way. From the beginning stages of the process, your goals are made clear, and we will help you design your closet accordingly.

We’ll Keep You on Track

Here at California Closets, we keep you on track by asking you questions such as:

1) What clothes do you wear most often?  

When designing a closet system to meet your specific needs, it is important to know what clothes you want to be easily accessible, and how your wardrobe changes with the season. This way, California Closets can help you design a system that allows the items your wear most often to be most accessible. We can also help you create storage solutions that can easily store away clothes when the seasons change.

2) Are you a visual person or like things out of sight?

Frisco closet systems allow for a variety of options. If you like your clothing and accessories to be tucked away neatly, then we can build a closet system that adheres to your requests. You can design your closet to include more drawers and storage than open space. However, if you are someone who likes to see their wardrobe when you pick out your clothes for the day, you can design your closet to include more open space, including hangers, baskets, shelving and hooks. The options are endless with Frisco closet systems!

3) What is your daily routine?

California Closets designs your closet system with functionality in mind. The clothing and accessories that you wear everyday should be easily accessible when you wake up in the morning to get dressed. So take the time to figure out which items are important to you and how much space you would like to allocate for them.

Design Your Frisco Closet System

Give us a call today to design your personal closet system. You’ll get more than what you bargained for!