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Media Must-haves!

Make a media splash with colour

Finding a solution for all of your media units and the kilometres and kilometres of cables that go along with them can be a difficult task. Entertainment units are a household must. With the ever increasing number of media units in each household and the unique sizes of these items a custom entertainment unit always makes the most sense.


It’s impossible to buy a media unit that will incorporate your personal selection of devices and needs. Do the do-it-yourself stores know what size TV you have or how many media players and video game consuls you require? I can design an entertainment unit for you that is personal. We can adjust shelves and partitions so your items fit in perfectly – seamlessly.

No more cable headaches. With a custom media unit we can hide all of those cables. Our bonded installers can cut grommets on site to ensure your cables get where they need to go without being a visual distraction. We can even incorporate doors with frosted glass so you don’t even need to open them to use your remotes. While we’re at it, let’s make a drawer for all those remotes and video controllers!

Position your TV at the height you like. Let’s make room for your computer. Whatever your priority I can accommodate and make it beautiful with a custom entertainment unit from California Closets.


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