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Custom Walk-in Closets

Beautiful Custom Walk-in Closet

At California Closets we can customize any area of your home but our passion is closets. We’ve been helping people create beautiful custom closets for over 30 years and we are the experts. We have the ability to offer a level of customization and quality second to none.

As a consultant it would be my pleasure to come to your home and help you with your project. I find that the best results happen when you have 2 hours of your time to spend with me in your home and in your closets. We will have a general conversation about the project and then we will delve into your personal needs and requirements. I will embark on an inventory of your items and your needs and then design a custom closet solution that will fit you, your needs, and your home perfectly.

Having a California Closets custom closet solution is an easy way to solve your storage problems and add immediate value to your home. Our name brand is known for quality, constancy, elegance, and design. With me and California Closets in your space you can rest assured that you are getting the best.

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