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The Next Space - Garages!

Custom Garage Storage


Garages – the next frontier in customized spaces. With house sizes shrinking, and townhouses and row-homes becoming more and more popular space really is at a premium. In order to truly maximize space all areas of your home you need to take full advantage of your space.

At California Closets we now specialize in garages. We have specific solutions for your garage that can give it a unique look and feel. We have cabinets with legs, unique slat wall, durable flooring and mats, specific countertops, distinctive colours, and unlimited hooks, bins, holders, or pins.

Not only can we customize your garage but we can give it a unique look. We don’t just take a closet organizer and install it in your garage we create a specific look. We use our exclusive products to create beautiful, functional garages that anyone would be proud to include in the tour of their home. Some might even consider it the new man cave.

I can incorporate so many solutions into a garage unit you’ll find a home for everything. Bikes, tools, ladders, Christmas decorations, small appliances, storage bins, gardening tools, food, the list is endless – we have storage for that.


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