Garage Storage in Fresno

Looking for garage storage solutions for your Fresno garage? Look no further. California Closets Fresno has 25 years of experience helping Fresno homeowners organize the spaces in their garage.

3 Garage Storage Tips from California Closets Fresno

  • Lock Up? Do you need to lock up certain items in your garage for security or safety? Talk to your California Closets garage storage specialist about installing a wall-mounted bin that can hold power tools, chemicals, or any other item that you need to keep locked up and out of children's reach.
  • On Top of Shelves. Whatever shelving your California Closets garage storage designer helps you pick out, remember too that there is space on top of cabinets and shelves for extra items. You can always expand your storage space by utilizing those spaces as your storage needs expand. But remember — out of sight, out of mind. When you put items high up, you will likely forget that they are are.
  • Heavy Lifting. As you work with your California Closets garage storage consultant, remember that many garage items are quite heavy. You will have to consider what items will go in what storage receptacles when planning its placement, size, and overall "hefty" value.

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