Wall Beds Franklin

Have you ever struggled with the realization that you just don’t have enough space in your household? Do you need an extra bed, but don’t have the room to install one, without eliminating the function of one of your currently existing spaces? If you’ve encountered this difficulty, try working with California Closets to install one of our unique Franklin wall beds.

We Make the Best Franklin Wall Beds

With Franklin wall beds, you’re able to transform your rooms into multi functional spaces.  Let your media center, home office, or studio serve as the area for one job in the day time, and utilize your hidden mattress in the night time.  With a bed that either rolls away, or folds up, you’re able to meet all your needs in one swift, efficient and stylish method. 

You can match your Franklin wall beds to the current aesthetic in your room.  Choose from our broad range of facades and styles so that this unobtrusive method of hiding a mattress leaves you feeling proud of your room.  When you team up with our group of expert designers, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t try this method earlier on.  Let us know all of your fears, wants, needs, and desires, and we can help you achieve the perfect solution to redesigning your home’s spaces.

Home Improvement You Can Rely On

It all starts with a free consultation.  We want you to be sure that your Franklin wall beds will be right for you.  So, take the time to work with us on all the details, until it is just right.  We’ll take all the measurements, you give us the dream, and then together well create Franklin wall beds that are perfectly suited to you.  We even use 3D imagining technology to allow you a glimpse of your future furniture before it’s even installed.