Franklin Custom Storage: The More, The Merrier!

If there’s one thing you can never have enough of, it is more storage space! Unfortunately, for most of us, simply building brand new closets areas isn’t always an option. That is where California Closets comes in with Franklin custom storage. Oftentimes, what you need isn’t actually more physical space, but simply a better organizational system. When it comes to creating more storage, California Closets is the leading expert in the field. There is no space too small, or too large, to improve with Franklin custom storage.

Custom Solutions For Every Room In The House

Think about the rooms in your house that you find problematic. Do you find that you are constantly picking up toys and books in the your children’s playroom that never seem to have a designated spot? Or is it difficult to maneuver around your kitchen when you are constantly looking for a specific utensil? For each and every one of your storage problems, there is a solution with Franklin custom storage.

California Closets has the experience and the know-how to reconfigure your existing space and make room for the things you need. Update your child’s playroom with attractive, yet easy to reach storage that they can use to help keep the floor clear of toys. In the kitchen, utilize overhead space by using a hanging rack that mirrors the existing decor. When you use Franklin custom storage, you gain more efficient storage and a brand new look.

Even the smallest spaces, such as shallow closets or under the stairs, can be recharged to be awesome places for much needed extra storage. You’ll love being able to instantly find the things you need, and the effortless way your new storage areas will look with Franklin custom storage.