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Home renovation can be difficult to navigate. On the one hand, you and you alone have the ideal vision for how your home should function--it's just a matter of finding the people and tools necessary to make it operate in the way you'd like. If you've grown frustrated with big box stores and their generic solutions that don't meet your demands stylistically or functionally, then the time has come for you to become acquainted with the Franklin closet company that cares. California Closets specializes in providing customers with unique products that have their needs at the core. With a range of space-saving options, you'll be better organized and in a manner that looks great with the rest of your home.

Get To Know Your Local Franklin Closet Company

Stand Alone Units

Your home is a tremendous conglomeration of unique angles and spaces, which can sometimes make it difficult to equip it with helpful storage tools. This Franklin closet company meticulously measures these areas where you feel you could use some better storage. Choose custom stand alone closets that encompass the needs presented by your wardrobe, hobbies, or work--you'll find that you won't be struggling to find items anymore!

Mining More Space

Whereas another Franklin closet company might leave you to fend for yourself if you decide your existing closets aren't storing your items to their full potential, California Closets gives you plenty of options to make the most of every inch. Closet organizers are tools that are designed by you to give your items a specific place to be. Choose from our array of accessories that can be fit to whatever area you'd like, including kids' rooms, kitchen pantries, offices, and more!

The Franklin Closet Company That Has Your Interests In Mind

Get to know the experts at your local California Closets--the Franklin closet company that puts customer satisfaction above all else. Make yourself an appointment today online to get started with a free in-home consultation.