Katharine Mills-Tierney, Design Consultant

Katharine Mills-Tierney

Design Consultant

What started out as a “day job” just to pay the bills quickly became my passion. This was not at all surprising because as a child I was constantly re-arranging my bedroom furniture to see what would work best. My instinct for spatial organization along with strong creative visualization skills honed from years as a stage performer and my technical knowledge honed from 20 plus years as a designer in this industry has given me the ability to find the solutions for each client’s space, large or small. Working with California Closets is a wonderful fit for me not only because of the many product offerings which allow my creativity to flourish, but also because the focus is first and foremost on improving the functionality and ease of use of my client’s spaces. Every day is about helping my clients “design a better life”. It is a fun and rewarding job.
Highlights include:
Design Consultant of the Year – 2016

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