Making the Most of Your Fort Lauderdale Home Office

For many Fort Lauderdale residents, the idea of having a workspace of the home is a dream. Imagine somewhere to stay on top of all your daily admin, reply to unanswered correspondence, and to work on that creative project you have in the back of your mind. But you would be forgiven for thinking with all the other essentials in your home finding the space for it may seem like an impossibility. However, with the correct amount of organization and the appropriate storage capacity, you can turn your cluttered desk or nook at home into a legitimate home office. California Closets Fort Lauderdale is a family-owned franchise that is proud to keep industry in Fort Lauderdale with our manufacturing plant in Pompano Beach. For a quarter of a century, residents of Fort Lauderdale have benefited from the knowledge and expertise that California Closets Fort Lauderdale offers, especially when it comes to home office storage and design.

A Home Office Creation

Are you still using the kitchen table as your office space? Are your bills taking up precious counter space? If so, it's time to dedicate some space for your office. Here at California Closets, we have several tips for creating a home office space in your home.

Above all, your home needs a functional space that allows you to be productive. Whether this means rearranging your living room to create space for a desk and some storage or installing cabinets in your garage, you must dedicate an area that is solely for work. Ideally, a space with little distractions (such as a television) would work best.

Storage solutions are key to any office space. If you don’t have a dedicated area to place files, letters, papers and home office supplies, your office space will slowly become unusable and unproductive. Desk drawers are often helpful for smaller items, but file cabinets and overhead storage help to maximize your space. With enough storage space, it becomes much easier to manage your office space.

Another key factor contributing to a productive office space is aesthetics. We do our best work in environments that are comfortable and pleasing. Although you can technically get work done anywhere, the way your home office looks will make a big difference in how productive your work space can be. In an aesthetically pleasing environment, it is much easier to concentrate on the many tasks at hand. There is no reason your home office space should look any less pleasant than the rest of your home. Decorations, pictures, plants all help to warm up your office space.

A customized office storage system does wonders to your space. Generic, one-size-fits-all office furniture doesn't maximize your unique spaces. In smaller spaces, where every inch counts, a custom-built wall-mount shelving unit, along with wrap-around desk and cutom overhead storage, can really help maximize your space and hence, your productivity.

Fort Lauderdale Home Office Expertise

California Closets Fort Lauderdale has built a reputation in the Fort Lauderdale area for its expertise, design talent and familiarity with the wants and needs of Fort Lauderdale residents. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom in Pompano Beach to learn more about how California Closets can transform your home office, bedroom closet, garage storage system and more.