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When many people think about the concept of design, they think only about how something looks on the outside. But at California Closets, we believe that design is more than just what something looks like: truly excellent design takes into consideration how people interact with the product, how that something is used, both regularly and on more rare occasions, and how that interaction makes a person feel.

The Industry Leader in Closet Design

As the undisputed industry leader, California Closets understands that the best closet design is both beautiful and effective and our design experts will work with you, in your home, to make sure that your new space is as welcoming as it is functional.

The first step to your new closet begins with contacting our Flower Mound closet design team, who will set up an in-home appointment with you to evaluate your current space and learn more about your unique space, and what your idea of an ideal closet is. Whether you need more storage room to accommodate a growing family, smarter options for storing outdoor gear, or more room for shoes and accessories, our design experts will help you make the most out of the space that you have, and help create a welcoming and beautiful space that your family will cherish for years to come.

Next, learn more from our expert consultants about the various layout and finish options for your new closets, and tinker with different patterns, finishes, and details. In order to help you better visualize the transformation of your space, our designers will create a virtual representation of the space, giving you an unparalleled ability to see exactly how different arrangements and styles would look in your home.

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