Wall Beds Florissant

Also known as the Murphy bed, wall beds are the perfect addition to any home. With its easy folding action, you can convert any space to suit whatever function you desire. Perfect for studios apartments, or guestrooms for your home, let Florissant wall beds from California Closets help you capitalize on their versatility!

Imagine the Possibilities with Your Florissant Wall Bed

Murphy beds aren’t just a thing of the past.  With a modern, chic design, Florissant wall beds are the perfect addition. They not only look just as great as a normal bed, but guarantee the same quality sleep as with a regular bed.  And with its light frame, you don’t have to be a body-builder to fold away your Florissant bed. 

At an affordable price, you can enhance your domicile by giving it dimension and versatility. And with the proper accessories, you can transform your Murphy bed into a shelving unit for your personal possessions.  Simply fold your Florissant wall bed in its upright position, and attach your shelving unit.  It’s that easy!  

Florissant wall beds are designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Need a guestroom for visiting friends and family? Need a study to complete your work?  Want a fitness room without having to go the gym?  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a home equipped with a study, a bedroom, a gym, and a living room, save money by having it all with Florissant wall beds!

Let Florissant Wall Beds Transform the Way You Use Your Room

In a matter of seconds, you can transform your room into a space that fits your needs. With Florissant wall beds, you’ll be able to maximize the space of your home efficiently and effectively.  And with a free, in-home consultation with California Closets, you can’t lose!