Murphy Beds Florissant

Don’t you wish you had room for guests in your apartment? Are you trying to start a business, but struggling to keep order in your studio? Florissant murphy beds are the perfect solution for your storage and space problems. Not everyone can afford empty rooms just for guests and not everyone is comfortable offering their couch as a place to sleep to visiting friends, family, and colleagues. Florissant murphy beds are top of the line, technologically advanced and look beautiful in any apartment. Also known as wall beds, forget everything you know about bulky and vintage murphy beds, and come take a look at Florissant murphy beds today.

Explore Florissant Murphy Beds for Your Home

There is little to no resemblance between a Florissant murphy bed and the wall beds of days gone by. No more rust, no more noise, no more creakiness. When you install a new Florissant murphy bed all that you can expect is seamless beauty and sleek modernity in your new space.

You can double and even triple the available space in your room by simply making the bed disappear. Florissant murphy beds are made of the most durable materials and installed by local professionals.

Come and Check Out Our Florissant Murphy Bed

Florissant murphy beds are incredibly comfortable. Your neighbors and guests won’t even have to know they are sleeping on a murphy bed - and they will be amazed at the ease with which you make their bedding disappear. Our Florissant murphy beds are designed and installed by professionals. At California Closets, we offer an exclusive, in-home, no-obligation consultation with our design professionals. Together, you will pick the perfect place and look of your new Florissant murphy bed. Your custom wall bed is guaranteed to fit your home's aesthetic and your budget.