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The Rome of the West wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your home. Residents of greater St. Louis take pride in their homes, an attribute we take seriously at California Closets Florissant. If you are looking for ways to uphold the integrity of your home, customized design upgrades are a natural choice to do so. At California Closets Florissant, we are committed to creating beautiful, customized closets that enhance the overall functionality and appearance of your home, while also serving as an important tool for daily organization.

Customized Florissant Closets – What Your Home Has Been Waiting For

At California Closets, we know closets are more than just overused storage nooks. Our devotion to this critical part of the house is evident in our well-crafted, customized Florissant closets that exemplify our attention to detail. Housing some of your most numerous and varied belongings, your closet serves as an important tool for foundational organization and functionality. What’s more, an elegantly designed Florissant closet elevates your closet far out of the ordinary and into a true extension of the home. 


You’ve nailed down exactly how you want your home to look, from the color on the walls to the rugs on the floor. Is your closet getting the same treatment? Team up with California Closets to design a Florissant closet built around your personal décor parameters. What makes your home your own? Personal embellishments peeking out in the form of customized Florissant closet design. It will add an air of completion and fluidity that will increase the beauty and value of any home.

Ease of Order

Everyone could use assistance when it comes to keeping things in order. What if your closet was that very aide that kept you organized? Florissant closets are built according to your specific storage needs, taking into account exactly which type of items you need to stash. Florissant closets help you automatically prioritize storage by assigning designated spaces for each and every item. Place daily use items front and center with high visibility racks, off-season or lesser-needed items overhead and out of the way in sturdy boxes, and wrangle wily items like jewelry and accessories into size-specific drawers, compartmentalized trays and racks. You’ll know where everything is and never be tempted to shove things in randomly with Florissant closets.

Complete the Design with Florissant Closets

Transform your closet into a new room of its own with the tasteful, efficient designs from California Closets Florissant. Call today to start planning your own customized Florissant closet!



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