Wall Beds Florence

Do you find yourself wishing you could wake up and suddenly have a bigger bedroom? Well, have we got news for you! Florence wall beds from California Closets can make this dream a reality. After giving you an excellent night’s sleep, Florence wall beds fold up into the wall, virtually disappearing from sight. Suddenly, you’re free to do anything you want with the space once occupied by your bed! It’s not magic – it’s Florence wall beds!

You’ll Be Saying “Abracadabra” With Florence Wall Beds

The magic lies within California Closets’s innovative design and steadfast focus on finding reliable and affordable storage solutions to help the good people of Florence live healthier, more organized lives. When Florence wall beds are stowed away securely in your wall, your bedroom will suddenly seem vastly larger and more open. The space alone will help your home feel more spacious and less cramped, but let’s not forget the endless possibilities for how you can utilize that space! An open bedroom with Florence wall beds is perfect for taking up that hobby you’ve always wanted to get into.

The Future Of Sleep

Once you try Florence wall beds, you’ll wonder how you ever slept in an ordinary bed before. Knowing that your rejuvenating night’s rest doesn’t come at the cost of permanently taking up a large amount of space will have you falling asleep with a smile on your face. Why sleep any way else? With Florence wall beds, you’re sleeping smart.

The Wall Beds Florence Trusts

Don’t settle for anything less than the best: Florence wall beds from California Closets! Call or come in today to speak with a knowledgeable Florence wall beds expert. After a FREE in-home consultation, you’ll be on your way to sleeping the Florence wall beds way.