The Best Home Office for Fishers Residents

We all know that sinking feeling when you look at the piles of paper on your dining table (maybe even on your kitchen bench, coffee table, or cluttered work desk) knowing it all needs to be sorted. As nice as it would be to grab a trash bag and just bin everything, you know there are important documents in there that need to be completed, paid, sent, and filed. Imagine a space in your home where you can sit uninterrupted for a short time each day and get through all that overdue work. Sound like a dream? Creating a functional home office in your Fishers home is actually easier (and more affordable) than you might think. At California Closets Fishers, we specialize in beautiful, custom-designed and built home offices for Fishers and Giest homes.

3 Reasons To Choose California Closets for Your Home Office Needs

At California Closets Fishers we pride ourselves not only on the dedication to quality materials, beautiful craftsmanship and impeccable customer service that has made the California Closets name famous, but also on our deep understanding of Fisher's homes and their particular storage needs.

Consider these benefits of working with us to create your home office.

True Expertise, Pride in Service

We have a great set of experienced and industry leading home office designers that truly consult with our Fisher clients to a solution that fits their needs, at their budget, and with their own style. The process is truly client-centered and is an experience where you will feel a tangible difference. We don’t stop there; every one of our interactions with you and our internal processes are focused on delivering comfort, control, convenience, and connection.

Truly Customized Home Office Design

California Closets Fishers utilizes home office design software that enables us to design your project while we are at your home and walk you through a 3D image of your future space. Once home office designs are finalized, we manufacture your system at our local production facility

Locally Made Home Office Products

All home office systems and products that get placed in your Fishers or Giest home are locally manufactured in our local facility. Because we exercise strict, on-site quality control at our plant, you can be sure that all home office products meet our high quality standards.

Great Home Office Experience, From Start To Finish

From the simple idea of being able to schedule an appointment with us with one phone call to our installers leaving your space cleaner than they found it, we not only design and install a home office second to none in quality, but strive to be the best in-home service you have ever experienced. Call California Closets Fishers today to get started!