Custom Closets Fernley

Introducing our brand new Fernley custom closets, the perfect avenue for your home improvement needs. Our closets allow you to choose what, where and how you want the little details to serve you and your home. That way, whatever you need to store away will be what gets prioritized.

Make Your Home Happier

California Closets is now bringing decades of expertise to your home, helping to install your brand new Fernley custom closets.  For years and years we've been working with thousands of customers all with very different types of demeanors and needs, and we've worked to make sure all of them leave with their home feeling improved and satisfied.  How do we do it?

Specified to You

Our customization process is the most important part of building your Fernley custom closets.  We take very seriously all the things you have to say and show us about your home, as well as the importance of certain items that you want to codify or protect.  We also take into consideration how much space is in your home and in your closet, and how to best create a solution that optimizes the use of both.  In most cases, we use a number of different utilities in your Fernley custom closet to build a solution that stores anything from important documents to old children's toys to clothing for all seasons.

Easy Steps to Success

The process is a simple ride once you get started.  After your initial consultation, you'll have sessions which draw up a blueprint and finalize details. You'll be able to choose stylistic elements such as color, trim, detailing, and design.  Then, once finished, you will review the blueprint and send it off to be built.  We send you all your parts at once, followed by our expert builders, who quickly and effectively put together your closet, leaving your home feeling refreshed.

Rejuvenate Your Home

Does your home need some form of rejuvenation?  We can help with our Fernley custom closets!