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Keeping your closet neat and orderly can be a tough job. After all, the temptation is always there to simply throw all your stuff into the closet, with little rhyme or reason, and hope for the best. Of course it doesn’t take long at all before this approach yields entropy—chaos, clutter, and headaches aplenty.

There are several drawbacks to having a disorganized closet space. Consider the following:

  • When you have a messy, chaotic closet, it means that you’re really not using your square footage to its full potential—and for most of us, space is a rare and precious thing!
  • Having a disorganized closet space also makes it harder to get the items you need when you really need them; your closet becomes a jungle, and cutting through the foliage is a big challenge!
  • Chaos and clutter do not lend themselves well to rest, relaxation, or peace of mind; sooner or later, knowing you have a chaotic closet will cause you stress and anxiety.
  • A disorganized closet space will very often spill out into the rest of your home, which only compounds these problems.

So what’s the solution to all of this? Invest in a closet system from California Closets. We’re proud to offer S. New Jersey closet organizers and other solutions to make your living space even better.


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