High Gloss White and Matte Dark Brown Garage Storage Cabinets with Work Space and Tools Racks


How many people would truly consider their garages to be an extra room in their homes? While most homeowners don’t, contractors certainly do. So why waste it and use it as a "dumping ground" for all your extra stuff?

California Closets is here to help you. We believe the garage is not just a usable space, but it's an important extension of your home. With nearly four decades in the industry, we've been organizing closets, garages and more so that you have the freedom to use it as a workspace, craft space or something else (while having the storage to easily locate all of your items).

Grey Themed Garage Storage with Drawers Cabinets Hanging Racks and Metal Accents


Effective garage storage in San Jose simply requires access to the right equipment, which includes:

- Custom-designed cabinetry that protects your tools, lawn and garden equipment, and holiday décor from the increased exposure to the elements.
- Drawers and shelving that allows for safe storage of smaller tools and workshop accessories.
- Slat wall systems that provide easy access to hand tools, as well as nuts, bolts and fasteners.
- Deep countertops that provide excellent work space.
- Bike racks, hooks and hanging baskets that can easily accommodate all of your sports and outdoor equipment.

By the time we’re done maximizing your garage storage, you’ll wonder where all of the extra space in your home suddenly came from. Schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation in San Jose today.

Your new closet starts with a
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