Black Wood Grain Wine Bar with Shelving Wine Racks Marble Countertop and Decorative Inlay Cabinets


For wine connoisseurs, having a custom-made wine bar or wine storage solution is a dream come true. Being a California company, California Closets deeply respects great wine, and think wine collections should put on display. Our customized wine storage solutions will elevate your collection here in Malibu.

Dark Brown Squared Holed Wine Rack for Wine Bar


A custom-designed wine bar creates a perfect space for storing your collection and fits your entertaining needs when hosting guests. Here are some of our accessories from California Closets:

-Storage for wine bottles allows for easy viewing and access.
-Counter space provides a place for pouring and serving wine.
-Lighting in a wine bar enhances functionality and dramatically changes the aesthetic of a simple design. Options include LED, puck, and ribbon lights with multiple switching choices.
-Shelves and cabinetry can be designed to accommodate an integrated wine refrigerator.
-Racks and accessories display beautiful glassware and stemware.
-Doors elegantly conceal liquor bottles and supplies you’d like to keep hidden.

Are you ready to display your passion for wine in the most beautiful way possible? Schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation here in Malibu.

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