Light Grey Stand Alone Closet With Shelves Drawers Closet Rods and Built in Lighting


California Closets of Dayton has established itself as a top provider of custom closet solutions. With nearly four decades in the industry, we know a thing or two about storage, and we pride ourselves in getting to know all of our clients one-on-one, so that we will custom design and build the perfect solution for your home here in Dayton.

Light Grey Stand Alone Closet With Shelves Drawers Closet Rods and Built in Lighting


  • Tip: Install Rods Above & Below

Closet rods are the perfect place to hang up anything from clothes and jackets to a hanging shoe rack. Many people don’t realize that installing rods underneath other ones is a simple way to double your hanging space. Space out the rods to give you enough room to hang what you need on both levels.

  • Tip: Baskets Go a Long Way

To get purses, shoes and more off the floor, install baskets to give them a home. From a visual standpoint, it’s amazing how much neater your closet will look with a few baskets.

Close Up of Light Wood Dresser Drawers with Glass Drawer Dividers

  • Tip: Don’t Forget the Back of the Door

Hang a rack on the back of your closet door to add an additional layer of storage potential. Many people opt for shoe racks on the backside of the door. It’s a highly effective way to store more of what you need in smaller closets.

  • Tip: Divide & Conquer on Shelves

Add a few dividers on your shelving to distinguish space – and to create more potential for your organization.

Reach in Closet with Closet Rods and Light Brown Drawers and Shelving


Our design consultants here at California Closets of Dayton are here to help you achieve more with your closets. Schedule your own complimentary in-home design consultation with our Dayton team so we can develop a plan specifically for your budget, space and your home's design aesthetic.

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