Convenience And Comfort With Fayetteville Wall Beds

As essential as they are, beds are cumbersome and take up the lion's share of space within a given room. Whereas other rooms can be adapted and changed with relative ease, bedrooms typically stay bedrooms, meaning that lots of usable space is left untouched. California Closets has given homeowners the best of both worlds with Fayetteville wall beds. These dynamic units aren't the wall beds of old--they're easily unfurled and returned, and promise sleepers a comfortable night's without all of the twisting and turning. With more space to exploit during the day, homeowners will be able to create multipurpose rooms that can be used for a variety of activities.

Night And Day With Fayetteville Wall Beds

Surrounding Decor Complemented

Have a quick look through our portfolio to see just how well our Fayetteville wall beds complement the surrounding decor of the space. The secret behind this is not a secret at all: California Closets makes every product to order, giving homeowners the ability to design the look and style of their wall beds down to the hardware. From the wood grain to the color, your new wall beds won't stick out in the slightest. In fact, you'll find that they provide valuable visual appeal, and can even include storage-optimizing tools to keep the area clear of clutter.

Kids Going Away To School

When the kids are gone, their bedrooms largely go unused, but with Fayetteville wall beds, you can put the space to good use while still providing them a nice, comfortable spot to rest their heads when they're home from school. Music room, art space, or home office--the possibilities for the room are endless when you've got the mattress tucked away. And when the young ones swing in, returning the space to its original purpose has never been easier, and they'll appreciate not having to drag the spare mattress out of the garage or having to wait for an uncomfortable air bed to inflate.