Closet Systems Farmington Hills

Have you been thinking about a better way to organize your wardrobe? Well dream no further. California Closets has a solution for you. In fact, our Farmington Hills closet systems are custom designed to meet your specific needs. So the solution lies in your hands. We’re here to help.

Let Us Help You Fulfill Your Dream

California Closets is known for placing the customer in the driver’s seat during the design process. This ensures that you are happy with the final product. Our role in the process is to provide you with guidance and recommendations that suit these needs. Here are a few considerations to help guide your design process:

Know Your Wardrobe

The toughest decision you will have to make in the design process is deciding how much space to allocate to drawers, shelves, hanging rods and plain open space. To help you make this decision, it is important to be familiar with your wardrobe. Figure out what clothes you wear most often and make those most accessible. Consider the size and shape of your clothing to see if they belong in deep or shallow drawers (for example, bulky sweaters should be placed in deep drawers to avoid a mess). Do you have a lot of clothing that need to be hung up? Your answers to these questions will help you design a closet that will best fit your wardrobe.

Know Yourself

It is also important to understand your own habits in order to design a closet that compliments them. What is your organization style? We offer accessories such as dividers that can help you keep things in place. Are you a visual person? Do you need to see your clothes in front of you in order to pick out an outfit? If so, perhaps placing more rods into your closet may be the best way to compliment your habits.

Farmington Hills Helps You Find the Answers

Throughout the design process, our expert designers will help you answer these and many other questions. So check out Farmington Hills closet systems and see how we are the answer to your dreams!