Closet Design Far Hills

Beautiful and functional closet design Far Hills in your home can help reduce stress and clutter in the home, while at the same time creating an aesthetic and welcoming space in your home. After all, design isn’t just about making things look pretty: good design combines the look of the product with everyday use, taking into consideration how and when the product is going to be used.

Closet Design Far Hills That Works for Your Home

Our Far Hills closet design consultants will work with you to help you understand the limitations and opportunities unique to your home, and help you create the closet that matches your lifestyle and desires. Try out some of these simple tips from our expert Far Hills closets designers, and make your closets easier to navigate and use.

Don’t ignore the floor. The floor isn’t just for dirty clothes and things that fell off of hangers! Strategically using your floor space to store items can save a lot of space. Experiment with clear boxes (the better way to see what’s actually in there) and shoe storage options to get the most out of your space.

Make sure the shoes have room. One of the easiest ways to crowd a closet is to underestimate the amount of space that even a small shoe collection takes up. Don’t just throw shoes in and quickly close the door. Explore intelligent shoe storage options, including vertical shoe storage.

Know your habits, and know your wardrobe. Take some time to think about how you use your closet. Are you always in there, or do you just pull out clothes and run out the door? Knowing how you use your space will help you take the next step in organizing it properly.

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