Wall Beds Fairview Heights

How many times have you looked at a small space and thought you could get more use out of it? At California Closets Fairview Heights, we have been helping folks get the most out their homes with innovative design and creative storage solutions. What’s more, we bring an element of customized beauty to your home and enhance your space. One of the best ways to get more out of a small space is by temporarily transforming it into something new altogether, such as a bedroom. Whether it be for a few nights or a daily shift for an existing office, Fairview Heights wall beds are definitely ways to use your home more efficiently.

Rest Easy with Fairview Heights Wall Beds

Forget what you’ve seen of rickety Murphy beds or uncomfortable cots. Fairview Heights wall beds are real beds to make rooms more versatile.  Whether you are seeking to maximize space or enhance a room, Fairview Heights wall beds can help make this goal attainable. Small apartments, offices or studios are often swallowed up by the bed, but they needn’t be with Fairview Heights wall beds.

Maximize the Space of a Small Room

Do you have a tiny room that can fit a bed but little else? With a Fairview Heights wall bed, you need only have the bed out when you need it, freeing up valuable space the rest of the time. Now you can finally have that guest room you’ve always wanted, or you can make a workspace livable! Children’s rooms can also benefit from the added space allowed from a Fairview Heights wall bed. Simply fold the bed up when you are ready to turn the room back into an office or studio, and bring the bed down for a peaceful night’s rest or quick nap.

Don’t Compromise Comfort

Just because it goes in the wall doesn’t mean it’s not a real bed. Fairview Heights wall beds are made with high-quality materials with your comfort preferences in mind.  They are also easy to open and close, meaning anyone and everyone can safely operate your Fairview Heights wall bed.

Blend In

A bed may seem difficult to hide, but not Fairview Heights wall beds. When not in use, the bed will fold flawlessly up behind the face you choose. Select from our wide array of colors and finishes to ensure your Fairview Heights wall bed blends in perfectly within whichever room you choose to install it.

Dream of Versatility with Fairview Heights Wall Beds

Short on space but need to get some rest? Call California Closets Fairview Heights today to start exploring the options of temporary sleep stations. Fairview Heights wall beds are a dream come true for anyone with limited space!