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Designing your own closet is an exciting task. Whether you have a particular design in mind, or you need some advice from our experienced closet designers, California Closets can turn your dream closet into a reality right here in Fairfield. 

Dream of the Possibilities With Closets Fairfield

A custom built closet is the perfect solution to any limitation posed by irregularly shaped spaces. Here in Fairfield, we tailor our closets to fit any angle for all sorts of spaces. Here’s how we can help turn your limitations into possibilities.

Take Advantage of All Space

When working with a limited amount of space, it is most important to find the possibilities in every inch of it. California Closets is great at maximizing the potential of any space through innovative design. Because we custom-build the materials for your closet, be sure to get creative with your space.

Design Upwards

One of the greatest ways to maximize the potential of your closet is by using vertical wall space. When designing you personal closet, we will figure out the best way to stack your drawers and shelves to match your lifestyle and daily routine habits. It is important to work from the bottom-up in this process.

Store At The Top

It is important to prioritize the placement of your items in your closet.  Place the things you use most often in an accessible location (at eye level, for example). For items that you use less often, you can place them in areas that are either close to the ceiling or low to the ground. This will surely optimize your space while keeping you organized.

Fairfield Closets Will Optimize Your Space

Don’t let odd corners or seemingly inadequate space deter you from taking action. California Closets has a solution, and we’re here to help!



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