Murphy Beds Fairbanks

If you are looking for the home improvement option that gives you the convenience of more space with the added comfort of an additional bed, then you have just found your very own regionally-produced Fairbanks Murphy Beds.

Home Improvement Solution

Need additional space in the home without the massive costs of an extra room?  You may have found a solution with our brand new and fully customizable Fairbanks murphy beds.

The Bonus Bed

With your very own Fairbanks murphy beds, you'll have the best of both worlds with a useful bonus room during the day and a bedroom at night.  We have many customers install a murphy bed into their home office, personal library, kids playroom, personal home gym, or even the living room.  Fully customized to fit flush into your wall during the day, it'll be a secret until you surprise your guests!

Quality First

With a Fairbanks murphy bed, you need not sacrifice quality for convenience.  We guarantee that your murphy bed will not squeak annoyingly throughout the night, will not be lumpy and hard on your back.  We guarantee that you will sleep serenely.  We can assure you the fold and roll-out functions work without a glitch.

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If you are ready to turn your home into a more spacious, well rounded place then get your Fairbanks murphy beds today.