Custom Closets Ewa Beach

With personalized storage solutions, you too can have a home that is specifically tailored to your demands. California Closets practically invented the custom storage industry and has now established a locally owned and operated franchise in Hawaii. Custom closets are designed and crafted through an enjoyable mutual process with homeowners like you.

The Creative Process Behind Custom Closets Ewa Beach

When you schedule a free design consultation with California Closets, a smart storage expert will arrive at your home. This initial meeting is the first step that will get you nearer to your dream home.

They will examine the storage area that you are designating for remolding and measure its dimensions. They will assess for

-Shelving space
-Hanging space
-Wall capacity

While taking the overall design ambiance of the room, the expert will help you identify and sharpen your goals for the project.

In what ways is the current configuration of the storage space falling short? How would you like to use the closets? Over the next several years, how do you envision your life in Ewa Beach evolving so that the custom closets can continue to accommodate you?

With those questions answered and the parameters figured out, California Closets can begin its work, rendering your storage space in 3D and creating a variety of scenarios for the space.

The program used allows you to do a virtual walkthrough and experiment with different colors, accents, configurations and accessories. You have total creative control over your custom closets. Ewa Beach residents love this step of the process!

Enjoy Ewa Beach More with Custom Closets

You are almost ready to get organized and comfortable. The last step is a speedy manufacturing of the hardware for your custom closets and installation in your Ewa Beach home.