Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Etobicoke

You've had a great time hosting friends and family, but the time of reckoning has arrived--where is everyone going to lay their heads for the night? Air mattresses promise convenience, but a lack of comfort at best, and hauling that extra bed out of the garage has never been easy. California Closets has answered the question with Etobicoke wall beds. Folding neatly into a customized closet system and employing a simple pull down method, these Murphy beds Etobicoke promise unparalleled ease of use and perhaps more importantly, a comfortable night's sleep for your guests

Wall Beds Etobicoke For Function And Comfort

Preserving Versatility

A guest room is used every so often to house the folks who give it its name, but what about the rest of the time? Spare rooms give you the freedom to work out, do crafts, or get some work done, but if they're bogged down by mattresses, their versatility is squandered. Murphy beds Etobicoke only fold down when needed, giving you access to this valuable space when you're not playing host. There is no telling what else your guest room can be used for--add the extra space to find out!

Closet System Exterior

When folded up, your wall beds Etobicoke sit flush with one of California Closets' famous closet systems. Accessorized by you to help keep you organized, you can choose from any number of combinations to neatly store the things that you love. Add shelves, cabinets, or drawers to keep the surrounding area tidy for the long term.

Easy Process

California Closets has been making it easy for customers to better use the space within their home for 30 years now. From design to implementation, we'll be your helping hand as we add your Murphy beds Etobicoke. We're confident that you'll be completely satisfied with the process!

Wall Beds Etobicoke--Hosting Made Easy

Don't relegate your guests to an uncomfortable stay on a set of air mattresses--make the most of your space and keep the option of peerless comfort open with Murphy beds Etobicoke from California Closets.