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Welcome to California Closets Escondido

At California Closets Escondido we take pride in our beautifully crafted closet solutions for Escondido homes, transforming the look and feel of storage spaces with our innovative designs.

For 30 years we have been pioneering storage designs for homes in North America, with it all starting here in California. Our franchises across the country consistently produce the highest quality work for our customers. We love what we do and so do our customers, who play a pivotal role in our recurring business, spreading the word about our great work again and again.

Transform Your Escondido Home, California Closest Style

We specialize in transforming houses with cluttered shelves and messy wardrobes into homes that project good taste and sophistication. We believe every home as a unique aesthetic, which is often dictated by the homes era and location. Whether it be a traditional home surrounded by hills and mountains or an inner city loft, California Closets focuses on capturing the essence of the homes holistic aesthetic. With hundreds of designs for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and garages, you can instantly start picturing what your new and improved home will look like.

Tailored Designs For Every Home

California Closets Escondido understands that Escondido homeowners have an exclusive taste and style when it comes to home décor. Understanding our customers is how we approach all of our work in the Escondido area, making sure we produce beautiful, functional storage designs that work for you and your home. We also try to source all our materials locally so you can take comfort in knowing you are supporting the local economy.

Endless Options, One Promise

Every room in a home has a unique way of contributing to the function of the house. For example, a kitchen gets used in a very different way from that of a garage. Some draws and cupboards are used on a daily bases whereas some might only be used once a month. We are experts in understanding the behavior of different rooms and learning how homeowners interact with their different storage units throughout the home, tailoring our designs to fit those needs. Regardless of the room size or design, there is one thing we never compromise, quality. We promise to produce the highest quality design that you love and want to share with others.



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