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Our foyer, mudroom, and entryway storage solutions are designed to keep everything organized and help make coming and going a breeze.

Whether a grand foyer or a simple mudroom, entryways need to serve as both a launch pad when we’re leaving and a landing strip when we get home.  From boots and shoes to coats, wallets, keys and more, smart and efficient entryway storage provides a perfect place for nearly everything.

Entryway Storage - The Options

Before you can begin rethinking your entryway storage, it’s important to understand your space and the options it offers.

  • Entry Reach-In (aka The Coat Closet)

Simply put, an entry reach-in is a closet that’s conveniently located near an exterior door. Traditionally thought of as “coat closets,” these spaces can be reconfigured to house far more than coats. With storage for shoes, multiple rods for organizing outerwear by season and even places for keys, purses and umbrellas, a smartly designed reach-in puts everything at your fingertips when you’re ready to leave the house.

  • Mudroom

A mudroom, much as the name implies, acts as a buffer between outdoors and in, and is well-known to anyone who lives in a region known for foul weather. It’s the perfect place to dump dirty shoes and boots or shake off a wet jacket or umbrella. A great mudroom should have space for plenty of seasonal and recreational items without ever feeling crowded. Many mudroom designs include a bench to allow an easy and comfortable spot for putting on or taking off shoes. With a place for everything, an organized mudroom is the perfect space to you gear up for the day or ease back into home.

California Closets and Entryway Storage

Regardless of which entryway storage solution is right for your home, California Closets offers smart and innovation options to ensure you get the more out of your space. Adjustable hanging areas and shelving can adapt to the changing needs of your family. And drawers, racks and built-in benches can hide items you don’t need as frequently.

A California Closets Design Consultant can work with you to create an entryway storage solution that’s as efficient and intelligently planned as it is stylish.


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