The Home Entryway: From Beast to Beauty

You would like the entrance to your house look as beautiful as those in model homes. The problem? No one lives in model homes! That’s why there are never kicked-off shoes cluttering the entryway doorstep, or overloaded coat racks, or dropped off bags from shopping sitting in the entryway hallway. How can you transition from the entryway being the messiest part of your house to the most beautiful? After all, it is the first thing anyone entering your home will see.

Redesigning for a Beautiful yet Practical Entryway

Just three changes can have your entryway looking like a model home, while still allowing you to walk in your front door.

  1. Investing in built-in wall storage or entryway storage furniture will go a long way to making your entryway look presentable, if not lovely. Furniture, like small wooden chests and wardrobes, will hide extra shoes and coats while adding a classic décor to your entryway.
  1. Adding shelves, drawers and racks to your entryway closet will maximize the amount of items you can store there, which makes it less likely that your new coat will live on the floor in front of your doorway instead. Entryway closets often have strange shapes, making a custom-designed solution a good choice. You’ll be surprised how much increasing the efficiency of an entryway closet’s storage capacity will do to spiff up your entryway area.
  1. Entryway storage furniture and custom designed storage solutions don’t have to stop at holding coats and shoes. Brighten up the look of your entryway with other items that will add to your entryway’s design flow. Mirrors, shelves for decorations and crafts like home-built key racks will change the feel of your entryway.

Let California Closets Help Beautify Your Entryway

Whether it's your foyer or back entry, everyone needs a place to put their things when coming inside. At California Closets, our entry, mudroom and foyer solutions provide a place for everything, from shoes, boots, overcoats and umbrellas - and everything in between. Let us help you create a solution for your entry that keeps everything organized.

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