Closet Systems Englewood

Have you checked out your closet lately and thought that something needs to change? Here at California Closets, we can give you that change. Whether your clothes are piled, mismatched and thrown onto the shelves, or you just need some order in your life, Englewood closet systems from California Closets will help you change your space for the better.

Tips on How to Stay Organized With Closet Systems Englewood

Once you have new closet systems Englewood from California Closets, it is much easier to stay organized. The better your initial closet design, the easier it is to maintain an organized space. Here are a couple simple suggestions to keep in mind during the closet design process:

1) Take Advantage of Storage

It is very important to set aside some space for storage purposes. Our experienced designers can help you figure out the best way to optimize your space to accommodate your storage needs. Oftentimes we find that by utilizing the space closest to the ceiling for storage, as well as placing baskets and bins close to the ground, you maximize space without sacrificing accessibility. We will help you accomplish this.

2) How To Arrange Your Space

A seemingly simple, yet very important decision to make in the design process is how many shelves and drawers you would like to create for your clothing. This decision is based on the characteristics of your personal wardrobe. For example, if you own many heavy sweaters, it would be better to design your closet system with enough deep drawers to fit them in. On the other hand, shallow drawers are meant for less bulky items such as shirts, underwear, and socks. 

Get Organized with Englewood Closet Systems

All of these suggestions will help you optimize the possibilities of your closet. Of course, our experienced designers will help you consider these and other factors that will eventually lead you to the perfect closet. Give us a call today and you’ll see that Englewood closet systems from California Closets can give you the change that you need!