Closet Company Elmhurst

With decades of experience paired with the fresh new outlook of a new branch and new city, we are creating ways to help our customers in the most precise manner possible -- by coming to their homes!

Happy, Healthy Home

If you have been pondering a home upgrade project that will leave your home happier and healthier without too much of a chokehold on your wallet, reach out to California Closets, the best Elmhurst closet company today.  We can help you get on the road to the right type of home improvement.

Improve Your Home, Stress Free

With home improvement projects, things can tend to get hectic and stressful, including mistakes made or having to argue with the builder to really get what you want.  At this Elmhurst closet company, the process is all about you.  Forget the stress; we replace it with imaginative fun, as you get to pick and choose exactly what you want out of your new closet organizer and we simply help make it happen.  This way, we'll handle all the logistical aspects of the build, while you get to play artist and put together a vision for how you want your home organizer to look and operate!

Beauty in Local

Our closet organizers are guaranteed to make you smile every time you look at them.  We make sure we use the highest quality, locally sourced materials, and build with love and precision.  Your closet, designed and chosen by you, will shine in your home in the sleek and modern beauty that it entails.  We're the Elmhurst closet company that succeeds on every front.

Get the Most

At California Closets, your Elmhurst closet company, we are all about helping you get the most out of your home storage!