Office Storage in Cramped Quarters

Home offices are often tucked into little nooks within homes, or share a room with other functions. Either way, your office storage space is nowhere as big as the local furniture warehouse, so how are you expected to fit everything you need into your current small space?

Efficient Office Storage Solutions

A variety of solutions can make the most out of small space when it comes to home office storage.

Overhead storage on desks: Like New York City, you can always build upwards. Consider a desk with overhead compartments for office storage. These compartments can usually hold books, computer speakers, binders and files.

Digitization: File cabinets take up lots of space. An efficient option is to take some time to scan older documents for storage on your hard drive. Minimizing extraneous paper files can clear up a lot of office storage space.

Electronic Picture Frames: If you find that you only have an 8 ½ x 11 space on your desk for files and writing surrounded by photos of friends and family, it may be time to consolidate. An electronic picture frame won’t force you to choose whether your baby nephew photos or a photo of your grandfather has to go into storage. Instead, it can flip through all your favorite photos on a timer while only taking up the physical space of one picture frame.

Wall mounted cabinets and drawers: Installed wall office storage is one of the most efficient ways to add extra capacity to a home office. Sturdy cabinets can hold important documents while adjustable shelves add flexibility.

Create an Effective Home Office

At California Closets, we think having a dedicated space to work in your home is an important part of life. We specialize in beautiful, custom-designed and built home offices. Whether you have an unused corner you'd like to transform into a productive office storage space, or an entire room you can devote to your work, we'll design a solution that will accommodate your needs.