Wall Beds Edwardsville

As a homeowner, you've gone to the sometimes painstaking process of ensuring that it bears your stamp of influence. When its finally ready to be shown off is an exciting time that often calls for friends and family to come visit from far and wide, so as to take in your home's splendor. Having to deal with extra beds, however, can be a burdensome process when you're dealing with wheeling out a spare mattress or struggling with an old futon. Wall beds Edwardsville from California Closets are the solution to this quandary--stylish units that can fit in with any theme that present unparalleled ease of use, so you don't have to pull a muscle when trying to set up a spare bedroom.

Wall Beds Edwardsville For Above and Beyond Comfort

Having a spare bed that is easy to unfurl takes away the common headache that stems from having to slide a mattress into a space that is then usable until the guests leave. California Closets wall beds Edwardsville can disappear into their surroundings--which can be just about anywhere.

More Spaces Than You Can Imagine

If you have a den or a study, you've had people set up camp there before when visiting, but the space is then difficult to navigate. Wall beds Edwardsville can be built into a closet system, so it folds up against the wall and blends in with the rest of the room--allowing for maximum congruency aesthetically, and more importantly, makes that den or study usable during the day.

Durability Is King or Queen

Air mattresses are convenient at times, but don't provide a high level of comfort and are subject to popping. Edwardsville wall beds are comfortable and durable units with mattresses that will be a joy for your guests to sleep on and won't leave you waiting while they have to deflate!

Untold Convenience With Wall Beds Edwardsville

Don't let the problem of sleeping arrangements derail your drive to show off your beautiful home. Call California Closets, or make your way to the right column of this page, to schedule a free in-home design consultation!