Custom Closets Edwardsville

Pleasant, scenic Edwardsville is dotted with parks, trails and bicycle pathways, making it a town you can experience any way you wish. The best way to explore the area is to carve out paths and activities that work for you. The same idea goes for planning a home. At California Closets Edwardsville, we have been helping you design personalized solutions for creating the perfect home for nearly three decades. Our signature traits of durable craftsmanship, creative storage solutions and impeccable design are evident in Edwardsville custom closets.

Shape Your Home Around Your Life with Edwardsville Custom Closets

Everyone has different ideas about what looks good, and everyone has different methods to staying organized. That’s why Edwardsville custom closets are built around your particular needs and specifications. Addressing all of your needs is impossible with generic solutions. Edwardsville custom closets are built after scoping out what you need to create a space that matches and enhances your home. Here are the highlights of having an Edwardsville custom closet.

It Looks Fabulous

Have you historically kept the closet doors shut or avoided showing off certain parts of the house because you were embarrassed? All of that will change with the dynamic storage solutions and beautiful design of Edwardsville custom closets.  Rather than being little more than a series of ill-fitting shelves and hooks that can’t seem to handle everything inside, Edwardsville custom closets are rooms in their own right, featuring all the latest organizational systems and highest quality materials. Your belongings will be showcased in such tasteful and elegant fashions, it will be like walking into a boutique!

Organization Tool

Edwardsville custom closets aren’t just great to look at. The clean lines and strategic placement of the closets actually prevent clutter from happening in the first place! Edwardsville custom closets employ designs that are based on what works for you. Whether you prefer size-specific drawers and shelves or removable and stackable containers, Edwardsville custom closets are tailored just for you.


With biking, running and sporting opportunities abound, you most likely have a wide variety of accessories and clothing to keep organized. Edwardsville custom closets designate spaces for more than just everyday wear.

Detail Your Home with Edwardsville Custom Closets

End the days of constantly struggling to stay organized and stop settling for sub par design! Experience the difference of customized design with California Closets Edwardsville custom closets!