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As one of the oldest cities in Illinois, Edwardsville boasts a rich history, a solid community, and an uncommon devotion to the people who call it home. From an architecturally stunning downtown replete with historic buildings to acres of rolling green hills, Edwardsville is one of the best places to live. It’s only fitting that your house in Edwardsville should be just as pleasant as the city, which is exactly why California Closets Edwardsville is here to deliver innovative, elegantly designed custom closets to complete the perfect home. 

Edwardsville Closets Create A Functional Home

Edwardsville is more than just a peaceful university town. It’s a unique place offering something for people of every generation. Of course, each and every person has different tastes and storage needs. That’s why Edwardsville closets are created specifically according to each person’s desires.

The Mark of Style

One of the best attributes of Edwardsville closets is the unparalleled attention to beauty. Increase the value of your home with gorgeous customized design that ensures the continuity of your home décor is fluid. Sleek designs, quality craftsmanship and creative storage schematics are the hallmarks of customized Edwardsville closets.

Accommodating Every Space

Live in an historic home? Older homes tend to be difficult to alter, but no challenge is too great for California Closets consultants. Edwardsville closets can be designed to hug every unique layout, from slanted ceilings to tiny doors, all without compromising the integrity of the original design. Edwardsville closets will also be designed with you at the helm of the creative wheel, meaning every color, material and light bulb is decided on by you.


Edwardsville closets don’t just increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. With innovative storage solutions designed to increase efficiency, Edwardsville closets are an exercise in intuitive order. Devise a plan of where to store items based on what makes sense to you, and then keep tabs on everything by strategically placing items in their respective places. Discreet, out of the way overhead bins and boxes create a space for your off-season clothing, while daily wear is relegated front and center for maximum accessibility. You can even find a place for wily items like accessories with a variety of compartmentalized drawers and hooks in Edwardsville closets.

Pamper Your Home with Edwardsville Closets

Refine your home and keep it organized and efficient with customized solutions from California Closets Edwardsville! Call today to start planning your ideal Edwardsville closet.



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