Closet Design Edwards

The residents of Edwards invest in quality closet design because they know the difference it can make in a home. The only company that has been a consistent partner in the quest for better storage solutions for the past 30 years is California Closets. This is a company that specializes at translating your specific dreams into reality.

Quality Closet Design Edwards Makes for Better Futures

If you have moved into a house knowing it has potential to be the house of your dreams, you are probably full of enthusiasm and also some concrete ideas. You know that reaching that goal of the perfect house requires many steps and that the most rewarding part is the process.

The only place you can be totally reassured that you have control over the direction of your closet remodeling is California Closets. Our process places the customer at the forefront. Here is a summary of what to expect:

First there is a closet design consultation that takes place at your Edwards home. Experts will measure the wall dimensions, storage capacity and assess potential for hanging, shelving and cabinet space in your new Edwards closet design.

Then they will help you identify your goals for the storage space. Using the parameters and your priorities they will render a 3D model that allows you to do a virtual walk through of the closet design in your Edwards home. You get to experiment with color configuration and hardware, which is why customers find this to be the most exciting step!

Edwards Closet Design is Uniquely Tailored for You

The advantages of a storage solution that has been designed based on your needs and tastes cannot be overestimated. Satisfied customers from right here in Edwards often report that better closet design has turned their house into a home.