Morgan Shaw, Shop Technician

As a shop tech, I get to watch and learn from afar. I can see new directions and trends in design as the plans come into the shop for manufacturing. I learn so much about our customers and the things they are interested in having in their homes by the kinds of storage solutions that our Design Consultants create.

  My job is to check all of the work and make sure we machine the materials to the best of our abilities. Our personal standards are very high for the work we do.      
  I watched my father work with wood and manufacturing for years before deciding to work alongside him. I have so much respect for him and helped me understand throughout the years what I need to do to serve the clients from behind the scenes. 

  It may sound strange, but I love to cut on the saw. I have such affinity for our materials and working with them feels like the most satisfying work I can do.